Saturday, September 8, 2007

The funny thing is...

Funny how the play you're rehearsing seeps into your psyche.

Lear is perhaps a love story about a father and daughter. A tragic love story. And everything Cordelia does is always about her father.

I went to a dinner party at my parents' house recently. And as our pre-dinner cocktail hour went on, I suddenly realized that I had hardly left my father's side. I found him next to me on the couch; standing at my side in conversation with groups of guests. And, of course, I was responsible for this continuous proximity.

I am so immersed in this thing, this story. We create such an intense connection to a specific world and people for 2 months. And then it will vanish.

What a bizarre career choice I've made.......for now.

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Beverley Viljoen said...

I saw your picture on the California Shakespeare page, and I thought... I know this girl.

Then I remembered how.
Jamie Holian...she knows everyone.

I'm happy to see that you're performing still, and with Cal Shakes! My best friend worked there a few seasons ago, and I loved the shows I saw.

Break a leg.